Internship Organization:UNIVERSAL GLOBAL SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD./HR Service Department
UNIVERSAL GLOBAL SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Located in the central part of Taiwan, Nantou County has both the Caotun Plant and Nangang Plant. The Caotun Plant specializes in the design and manufacturing/contract manufacturing (ODM/OEM) of electronic products and modules for customers. It caters to specific customer needs in areas such as warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and maintenance. The Caotun Plant boasts comprehensive research and development resources, diverse technical capabilities, advanced manufacturing equipment, and a globalized supply chain system. Leveraging years of experience in serving world-class corporate clients, it has accumulated innovative and comprehensive technical capabilities. The plant can provide complete technical support with high efficiency and continuously expands its validation capabilities and production capacity each year to fulfill customer orders. In addition to achieving cost-effectiveness, the Caotun Plant maintains top-notch product quality and standards.
Internship Period: 109-2 Academic Semester
Internship Location: Nantou County
Classmate in the Course: Wang, a student from the Bachelor's Program, Class of 106

HR Department is a part of the overall HR structure and is divided into four units: Recruitment, Learning and Development, Compensation and Attendance, and Employee Relations. I am specifically involved in the Compensation and Attendance, focusing on projects related to attendance. Here is a list of all the projects I have worked on so far:

1.The responsibilities in the Compensation and Performance Management Department include:

  • Operation of the CPM system
  • Creation of the CPM system user manual
  • Production of instructional videos for the CPM system
  • Development of promotional videos for the CPM system
  • Annual goal setting
  • Creation of the annual goal assessment user manual
  • Goal setting and assessment for new employees
  • Production of identification cards for new employees
  • Compilation of internal experience data
  • Completion of internal experience data forms
  • Management of data updates within the system
  • Oversight of entry and exit data records

2.The responsibilities in the Learning and Development Department include:

  • Internship programs for students
  • Onboarding for direct and indirect personnel
  • Education and training for onboarding direct and indirect personnel
  • Review and accounting of external training materials
  • Assistance in launching advanced business English courses
  • Review and approval of departing employees' information
  • English self-learning projects
  • USIU (University of Silicon Valley) courses
  • Teacher's Day projects
  • Checking of new employee orientation training sheets

3.Recruitment Department

Assisting in campus recruitment and recruiting interns for the academic year 110.

I still remember when I first joined, I set a goal for myself to complete project tasks early so that I could learn more about various affairs. Although the company gave me four months to execute the tasks, I was able to complete most of them in about two months. This provided me with the opportunity to take on additional tasks and learn more. Despite being an intern, I believe that since the company is investing in you, it's not just about your learning; it's essential to contribute substantially to the company. This way, you won't let down the opportunity given to you. Adhering to this belief, I approach all tasks at work with full dedication, whether they are intricate or straightforward, to avoid mistakes. Holding onto this belief allowed me to learn a great deal during my internship. By completing tasks ahead of schedule, I was able to support other HR teams and gradually take on more significant roles. Despite the complexities arising from the pandemic, it also provided an opportunity for me to enhance my skills. During my time assisting the Learning and Development department, I took on more responsibilities, not only managing new employee orientations independently but also assisting in organizing educational training.

In this department, I also contributed to the internship project, which, as an intern, was both interesting and challenging. Especially during the English-language internship showcase, where I had to serve as both the host and presenter, this project taught me the importance of trusting teammates, as it was practically impossible to manage everything alone. Beyond trust, effective communication beforehand became crucial. Additionally, because internship results had to be calculated simultaneously for issuing completion certificates, thorough preparation became an essential skill. Following the recruitment unit's process, we not only participated together in job fairs for recruitment but also encouraged other junior colleagues to join internship programs based on our experiences. This added persuasiveness compared to other full-time employees, and as a result, demonstrated our value at job fairs.

Although the year-long internship might have similarities to the first two months in terms of job tasks, the initial focus was on adapting and familiarizing myself with the company's environment and culture. Currently, my efforts are directed towards optimizing and streamlining work processes, aiming for higher efficiency in less time. As of now, I have been interning at the company for six months, and with the pandemic stabilizing, the company's schedules proceed smoothly. Events postponed or canceled due to the pandemic in the past are now being rescheduled, achieving the intended outcomes, albeit perhaps not as effective as originally envisioned. Nevertheless, it provides a glimpse into a different aspect of working amid a pandemic.


From the initial counselor allocation to the training of new personnel, there is a well-established SOP for developing educational content and programs. For interns, monthly courses and activities are arranged, providing a balanced workload and opportunities to connect with fellow interns, expanding our network, and adding enjoyment to our lives. Regarding work, learning the methods, systems, and processes for attendance is a natural part of the internship. I have learned various ways to approach tasks and discovered how seemingly simple or tedious tasks can be streamlined through experience or tools, resulting in significant gains.

Before the internship, I considered myself proficient in using Excel. While I was initially able to manage tasks, as the complexity increased, relying solely on Excel became insufficient. I spent time delving into formulas and conducting experiments to optimize daily work processes, reducing time consumption and acquiring new knowledge. Learning extended beyond Excel to include email etiquette, telephone etiquette, and more. Practical experience is essential for effective learning and retention.

Perhaps due to this attitude and skill set, my colleagues are more willing to seek my assistance. I am now tasked with supporting recruitment events at YunTech (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology), something I had never considered before. Overall, the internship experience here has been rewarding.

In the context of a tech company, the first impression is often one of hard work, and indeed it is. However, the hard work pays off in substantial personal growth. The challenges that don't defeat you eventually make you stronger. Learning from mistakes is acceptable; the key is not repeating them. Avoiding repeated mistakes signifies resilience and growth. In a tech company, there are countless opportunities for growth and challenges that will make you stronger. In my opinion, it's okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them, and this is a significant realization during my internship. The tech industry has various aspects and challenges that contribute to personal development. In a smaller company, you learn the technical aspects, while in a larger company, you grasp the importance of systems and how to improve performance or efficiency through system implementation. It is crucial to understand how systems can prevent legal violations by employees.


I am truly grateful to the company for providing me with this internship opportunity, especially in a place with such great potential and competitive compensation. Throughout the internship, I've had the pleasure of working with many excellent supervisors, colleagues, and fellow interns who have become good friends. While not everyone is perfect, I've been fortunate to connect with several fantastic individuals. We've supported and helped each other during challenging times. If there's anything that could be improved, it would be the wish for a longer duration of the internship together.