Internship/Local Features/Sun Moon Lake Branch (2)

Internship/Local Features/Sun Moon Lake Branch (2)

Internship Organization:Taiwan Local Specialty Industries Co., Ltd. Sun Moon Lake Branch

In order to make high-quality Taiwanese local specialty products more accessible, the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has established the "TAIWAN OTOP Taiwanese Local Specialty Products Pavilion," a physical storefront. This venue gathers the finest souvenirs, handicrafts, and local specialty products from all over Taiwan, representing the most iconic industries such as indigenous crafts, Yingge ceramics, and Taiwanese tea. The establishment of the OTOP Pavilion aims to promote Taiwan's local culture, generate economic benefits, and strategically positions itself in tourist areas. The goal is to convey the unique and high-quality cultural essence of Taiwan to every corner of the world.

Internship Period: Academic Year 111-2
Internship Location: Nantou County
Classmates in the Course: Bachelor's Program, Class of 109, Student Ho
Job Responsibilities:
1. Assist in Store Operations: Learn and work according to the guidance of the supervisor, collaborate with colleagues to maintain basic operations.
2. Product Presentation to Customers: Have a clear understanding of the source, manufacturing process, pricing, features, and sales status of each product. Effectively communicate with customers, introduce products based on different needs, and provide excellent customer service.
3.Cashier Duties: Accurately handle monetary transactions and ensure the accuracy of each transaction.
4. Product Delivery: Assist the headquarters in providing delivery services at the store, fill out shipping forms for courier services, and prepare company's after-sales invoices.
5. Record Goods Received: Accurately record and manage the inflow and outflow of goods. Fill out purchase orders and return them to the company.
6.End-of-Day Settlement: After the business hours, complete reports and send them to the company's accounting department.

7. Organize Merchandise: Handle stocking and restocking of goods, and maintain the organization of the warehouse.。


I have learned to proactively understand and anticipate the needs of customers. This enables me to provide more personalized product recommendations and suggestions. The experience has cultivated my observational and communication skills, enhancing my sales techniques. The internship has been rewarding in facing challenges, professional growth, and honing sales skills.

By filling out purchase orders, I learned how to accurately record and manage the inflow and outflow of goods, acquiring effective document processing skills. The end-of-day settlement work taught me to carefully cross-check numbers and amounts, ensuring the accuracy of financial data. This process requires attentiveness and focus, developing my attention to detail.

Introducing products to customers and addressing their inquiries allowed me to deepen my understanding of product features, uses, and advantages. This has empowered me to confidently promote products and provide accurate information to customers.

Engaging with visitors from different countries expanded my horizons and emphasized the importance of cross-cultural communication. The internship heightened my ability to observe and understand the needs of customers from diverse backgrounds and cultures, emphasizing interaction with a friendly and respectful attitude.

Before starting the shift, counting the money in the cash register is essential not only to verify the accuracy but also to protect oneself. It clarifies responsibilities in case of discrepancies during shift changes. I also learned how to introduce products to customers, a challenging aspect. To effectively present products, I needed to thoroughly understand the source, manufacturing process, pricing, features, and sales status of each item. Listening to the introductions of experienced colleagues proved to be the fastest way to learn about a vast array of products.

I enjoyed adopting this learning approach, and it has significantly contributed to my overall experience during the internship.

Personal Reflection:

In life, I am fortunate to have a senior colleague guide and lead me. Her patience and guidance have helped me integrate into the team more quickly and learn practical job skills and professional knowledge. Through collaboration with her, I have learned to prioritize details, improve efficiency, and develop skills in handling customer issues.

This internship requires me to stand for 8 hours, presenting a challenge to my physical stamina and endurance. Although my feet may feel sore, I have learned to effectively manage my physical well-being, such as taking short breaks and doing stretching exercises, to maintain vitality and concentration. This internship experience reminds me of the importance of prioritizing my health and physical fitness, teaching me to persistently overcome challenges.

I am grateful for this valuable opportunity and look forward to applying the skills and experiences gained in my future career. This internship has also provided me with a deeper understanding of the challenges and techniques in the sales industry. These skills will undoubtedly benefit my future professional journey. In life, these seemingly insignificant changes have gradually improved my overall well-being, and I am thankful for how this internship has brought about positive transformations.